Podcasts I Listen To: Part One

Blocked and Reported

This is a podcast about weird online bullshit and random twitter fights. Hosted by journalists Jesse Singal and Katie Herzog, it is a hilarious and insightful look at some of the web's most pointless arguments. Often the podcast focuses on "culture wars" stuff that those of us without twitter accounts would never otherwise hear about. Is learning about random twitter pile-ons a positive thing? Well you can find out by adding Blocked and Reported to your favourite podcast app or by supporting their patreon.

Blocked and Reported podcast patreon

Making Sense

Come for the atheism, stay for the meditation and spirituality talk. Hosted by Sam Harris this is possible my favourite podcast. Containing both some of the most important pieces of audio I've ever heard as well as some unlistenable garbage (episode 32), this podcast runs the gamut. Choice recent episodes include any of the ones with Paul Bloom or Caitlin Flanagan. Older episodes such as the adorable conversation he had with his wife Annaka Harris about her book on consciousness (episode 159), or the episode where he reads from the official ISIS magazine and talks about the motivations of jihadists (episode 154) are also fantastic. You can listen to all of the full episodes of Making Sense by subscribing at samharris.org.

Sam Harris website

Anime World Order

Anime World Order is a monthly podcast about anime. Right now they are in the middle of doing episodes about all the best shows of the 2010s. This podcast has very entertaining and knowledgeable hosts that never fail to make my heart smile! Support their patreon or whatever.

Anime World Order patreon

History of Japan

A podcast that as of June 5, 2020 has 341 episodes. Each episode is generally less than 30 minutes and focuses on a topic in Japanese history or culture. Helpfully the first few podcast episodes give the listener an overview of Japan's history then switch to being about specific topics so it is not necessary to listen to every episode in order. This podcast is both edutaining and relevant to my interests.


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