Podcasts I Listen To: Part Two

Abroad in Japan

A fun overview of topical news from Japan hosted by Youtuber Chris Broad and broadcaster Pete Donaldson. Segments include one where Chris teaches Pete new Japanese words! I always look forward to this weekly podcast and would definitely recommend it if you have interest in Japan. Also check out Chris' Youtube channel, Abroad in Japan.

Chris Broad's youtube channel

AEW Unrestricted

Interviews with the stars of my second favourite pro wrestling promotion? Sold! Hosted by All Elite Wrestling referee Aubrey Edwards and broadcasting legend Tony Schiavone this podcast gives a great look into the lives of various AEW talents. Aubrey and Tony are fun hosts that gel well together. Some of their best interviews have been with Adam Page and AEW owner Tony Khan.

The Happiness Lab

Hosted by Dr. Laurie Santos this podcast does deep dives into the ways of thinking that stop us from being happy in our lives. Dr. Santos is a professor at Yale who teaches a class called "Psychology and the Good Life". This class was turned into a Coursera course called The Science of Well-Being and is also now a podcast! Episodes have focused on topics such as our expectations of ourselves and how they make us unhappy and our need to always have more and how that makes us unhappy. It really is a good listen that gives helpful advice!

Science of Well Being Coursera

Jocko Podcast

This is a podcast I only occasionally listen to. Hosted by former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink along with Echo Charles, episodes mostly focus on interviews with military personnel and military book overviews. I tend to skip those ones and listen mainly to the Q&A episodes. Lots of good motivation in those!


Rework is a podcast by the company Basecamp. It often has interviews with employees at the company such as David Heinemeier Hanson (creator of Ruby on Rails). The podcast focuses on work / work culture and how to improve these things. There is lots of criticism of the tech industry too!


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