Getting To Know People You Don’t Know: Thomas

This series of interviews will be conducted with myself and then with friends of mine you have probably never met.

Today's interview is with Thomas (hey that's me!).

What is something that you are avoiding doing because you are afraid?

Lately I have been avoiding improving my ruby programming skills even though I have lots of study resources all ready. I've been working on other stuff (like this blog!) instead but I really should be doing the programming practise as well. I think I am just afraid that I will not be good at it once I get started but there is also the fact that I will remain bad if I don't work at it at all.

When was the last time you cried because of a piece of art?

I think the last time I cried because of a piece of art was on January 4, 2020. Well it was more tearing up than crying, but still. I was tearing up at being in the Tokyo Dome and watching the best pro wrestling match I had ever seen live in Kota Ibushi versus Kazuchika Okada. They were the main event of night one of Wrestle Kingdom 14. It would have been difficult for this match to match the flippyness (huh?) or spectacularity (probably not a word) of the junior heavyweight title match or the shear star power of Tetsuya Naito from the semi-main event so they had to do something different. The match had a grand entrance for Okada and was fairly slow to start which helped get lingering thoughts of the previous bouts out of the crowd's heads and I just bought into the storytelling so hard! The result of Okada defeating Ibushi was the right ending but not one that I was happy with at the time.

If you were somebody’s coach what would you coach them on?

How to escape from depression.

What is something in your life you regret?

Wasting the majority of my 20s not realizing there was a way to live besides being sad in bed all day.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

The accomplishment I am most proud of is achieving my dream of going to Japan. I was there from January 2, 2020 to January 18, 2020 and it was the best!

What is something that people who know you are surprised to find out you enjoy?

I guess that would be pro wrestling. Although if they know me I have usually mentioned it at some point!

Do you have any relationship advice for the readers?

Do your best to be as honest as possible with those close to you.


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