Trip to Japan 2020: Ultimate Edition

January 3, 2020

On my second day in Japan I had the opportunity to go to the pro wrestling and martial arts memorabilia store Toudoukan. I spent nearly two hours here looking through the various magazines, DVDs, clothing, and other wonderful things. It felt so great just being in the store and shopping. I could have spent thousands of dollars here had I being playing with that kind of budget! If you are a pro wrestling or MMA fan you need to visit this store.

The chair was one of the more dangerous items found at Toudoukan! I'm not sure what happens if someone actually buys this. Do they put it in a big bag and then you take the train home pretending you are not carrying a chair covered in barbed wire? Also for what I'm sure are good reasons it was not behind glass or some kind of barrier.

The New Japan Pro Wrestling store was very crowded but cool. Honestly, even just taking the subway and walking around Tokyo for the first time to get to the store was an experience!

Pictures from my trip to the New Japan Pro Wrestling Cafe! It was a pop-up cafe located in Shinjuku Annex among several otaku focused stores. I ordered the Okada beef bowl as well as the Cold Skull Sanada cola. Yes indeed, every item on the menu was based on a different wrestler!

The fun really got started on this day! Everything was so cool and also great. It was a pleasant surprise that getting around Tokyo was not that difficult and I want to go back to Toudoukan so badly!

This was my day seventeen post for 100 Days To Offload.